May 28, 2015

Oh Verona, Verona!

I’m currently suffering from a huge flashback, as I was scrolling through the pictures taken during my vacation in Verona, Italy, almost two years ago! 
I spent one week in this beautiful, picturesque city with a friend of mine, and we had such a great time there enjoying ourselves and life in the city.
As someone who totally adores Italy, I fell in love with Verona very quickly when I first visited it six years ago. 

Even the great Charles Dickens once wrote:
I had been half afraid to go to Verona, lest it should at all put
me out of conceit with Romeo and Juliet. But, I was no sooner come
into the old market-place, than the misgiving vanished. It is so
fanciful, quaint, and picturesque a place, formed by such an
extraordinary and rich variety of fantastic buildings, that there
could be nothing better at the core of even this romantic town:
scene of one of the most romantic and beautiful of stories.

And he still is totally right! Wandering through these petite streets, always surrounded by buildings, one more beautiful than the other, all of them in these characteristical, earthy, brown-red colours – already because of this, it’s worth a visit!

And as a huge fan of one of the greatest love stories ever written, you should totally consider to stop by and staying at least two or three days there! You won’t be disappointed, and if you are spending a night at the famous Arena, watching a great opera such as Aida or Tosca (my favorite  by the way), you will never forget and always be coming back! I hope to do so this summer J

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