July 13, 2015

How time flies by...

I simply can't believe that it's been already one week since I returned from a short vacation in Croatia.  I spent some pretty amazing and wonderful days on an island near the city of Rovinj, Istria. And as the first six months of the year already past by in some tremendous speed, I didn't even realized that we already have the mid of July. There were so many things going on in my life lately, I didn't registered how fast time goes by...

For my first evening on the island "Crveni Otok" ("The red island") I was wearing this head-to-toe H&M-outfit, in which I felt very comfy yet stylish. I combined it with my new Espadrilles and was finished for a fun evening at the beach and the restaurant.

May 28, 2015

Oh Verona, Verona!

I’m currently suffering from a huge flashback, as I was scrolling through the pictures taken during my vacation in Verona, Italy, almost two years ago! 
I spent one week in this beautiful, picturesque city with a friend of mine, and we had such a great time there enjoying ourselves and life in the city.
As someone who totally adores Italy, I fell in love with Verona very quickly when I first visited it six years ago. 

Even the great Charles Dickens once wrote:
I had been half afraid to go to Verona, lest it should at all put
me out of conceit with Romeo and Juliet. But, I was no sooner come
into the old market-place, than the misgiving vanished. It is so
fanciful, quaint, and picturesque a place, formed by such an
extraordinary and rich variety of fantastic buildings, that there
could be nothing better at the core of even this romantic town:
scene of one of the most romantic and beautiful of stories.

And he still is totally right! Wandering through these petite streets, always surrounded by buildings, one more beautiful than the other, all of them in these characteristical, earthy, brown-red colours – already because of this, it’s worth a visit!

And as a huge fan of one of the greatest love stories ever written, you should totally consider to stop by and staying at least two or three days there! You won’t be disappointed, and if you are spending a night at the famous Arena, watching a great opera such as Aida or Tosca (my favorite  by the way), you will never forget and always be coming back! I hope to do so this summer J

January 27, 2015

Paris Haute Couture

Some pictures I reposted on my instagram @hannaleutgeb from the current Paris fashion week.

October 15, 2014

Enjoying Life

We always say that we should live in the here and now. But only recently, I asked myself: when do we really do that? How many times within one week can we honestly say: 'I've lived in the here and now. I've really experienced this with my whole heart'? Right. We're moving in those realms where the answer almost every time tends to zero.
So I started to think about this problem and inevitably had to ask: have we lost our ability to enjoy one moment, only because it is now, and aren't we able to live our lives without thinking what will come next? Our society tends to be workaholic, tends to use every single moment for something valuable. If I start to think about where this attitude will lead us to, I feel quite alarmed. What I'm mostly afraid of is that - always surrounded by smartphones, tablets, laptops - our society unlearns to live within the moment, to just enjoy and don't think about the next steps. I feel alarmed because I'm the best example for such an inability.
Only recently I spent a very late - and very short - vacation in Upper Austria, where you are surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. I was very happy this trip spontaneously came off since I always wanted to visit this part of my home country. (I have to admit I've never been there before for more than one day!)
But during my vacation I was trying very hard to switch all the thoughts in my head off. I always had to think about what was awaiting me as soon as I would return home...until the moment I realized what I was actually doing: I was destroying my own vacation because of my thoughts what would be up next for me. So I decided to reprove myself whenever I was starting to think about everything that awaited me - and it worked! That's something I've learnt there and so I was able to enjoy a few last days of summer, which made me very happy. The photos below where taken in the beautiful and charming towns of Gmunden and Bad Ischl, which I can recommend everyone who wants to spend a few days of silence and peace in our fast moving world.
Even now, in my daily routine during life at university, I always try to keep myself on the ground when I'm freaking out: 'Okay, that's tomorrow, but now is now.' I think that these thoughts are something very important in our ephemeral and rapid world. Only if we stay by ourselves we can live our life in the best possible quality.

July 30, 2014

Zara Ring

I'm so so happy - I finally found this gorgeous Zara ring I was desperately searching for today... It's so beautiful and I can't wait to wear it...
And then, I discovered this nice bracelet by forever21 which I had to buy as well ;-). 
As I'm leaving for a spontaneous vacation, a post about these two and my new "Afrique" Couture palette by YSL will have to wait until the middle of August...

July 22, 2014

Hannerina now on Facebook!

I finally managed it to create a facebook-page about this blog, so check it out! It will always be updated with my activities on the blog, but I will also share interesting news from all around the fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle-world! Can't wait to see you there!


July 17, 2014


I’m a huge fan of the Haute Couture shows in Paris, which take place twice a year, but, honestly, which fashion-girl isn’t? So for now, I decided to write a little review about my favorites from the last Haute Couture week - favorite shows and favorite dresses.

1. Stephane Rolland.

One of my favorite shows this season was Stephane Rolland’s. He is a great designer (one of my favorites at the moment, by the way!) and I’m always fascinated about the silhouettes he creates and the ideas he has got. That’s what I really call couture! He knows how to combine both extravagant tailoring and architectural design. As a history of arts-student, that’s something I really admire, and for me, his show for fall-winter 2014/15 was definitely among those who blew my mind!

2. Chanel.

Chanel’s Haute Couture-show is a fixture for the fashion crowd, and as always, Karl Lagerfeld did a great job in Coco Chanel’s everlasting spirit. He was inspired by the concrete lines of Le Corbusier, and presented a scupltural line, with shorts everywhere: shorts under dresses, shorts under coatdresses, jackets and skirts. This unconventional easiness, combined with simple flats – just perfect! But on the other side, all these baroque ornaments – that’s a true "clashing with the style"! I love!

3. Elie Saab.

There’s not much one can say about Elie Saab, except of: Just dreamy! These are the dresses any girl dreams about. And with his latest couture-show he reassured his undisputed rank as "the" dressmaker when it comes to glamorous evening-gowns. No-one can evoke glamour and elegance like him! His color-palette: blue to pink and red, nude and peachy-orange to black and white.

4.  Dior.

Dior’s Haute Couture show is always a star-studded one, and Raf Simons’ collection didn’t disappoint any of his illustrious fans. For his fall-winter 2014/15 show, he played with historicism, but still managed it to make it look very modern and comtemporary. The opulence of past decade’s manners to wear clothes combined with Simon’s clear, uncomplicated and minimalistic couture, that’s a match made in heaven! He plays with different shapes, once strict and sculpural, in the next moment floating and airy. Apart from that, I admire Raf Simon’s sense for colors. Nothing lurid or shrill, just primary colors, sometimes combined with one another: white, black, red, a noble pink or nude and pastel blue. Once again, a beautiful collection, which stuns because of it’s clarity and simplicity.

5. Giambattista Valli.

I'm a huge fan of Giambattista Valli, and his fall-winter 2014/15 collection remembered me about a summer day in the 50ies, probably on Capri or Ischia. Sophia Lorean, Gina Lollobrigida... this show brought all those cinema divas to my mind, all of them from a decade I hugely adore for its style. But although it's a reminiscence on femininity, Valli knows to transform his ideas to our time - with unusual fabrics and eccentricity. Lace over jumpsuits, skirts above the knee... but still very elegant, very lady-like... very Italian, I guess! The detail I loved most about the outfits: the headscarfs! They immediately gave it a relaxed summer-twist. 

6. Valentino.

As a history of arts-student, I absolutely loved Maria Grazia Chiuri’s and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Couture show for Valentino. They were inspired by the pre-Raphaelites, and when looking at those stunning and floating dresses, those paintings immediately appear in your mind’s eye. They paired it with gladiator flats up to the knees, the waist accentuated with leather ribbons. Once more, it is this innocent romanticism the collection evokes, with a subtle hint of audacity – shift it to the leather embroideries and the sandals and those gorgeous tulle-dresses combined with pearls and paillettes – and leather-draperies!
On the other side they’ve got dresses and coats out of gold lamé, pearls and crystals.
And, last but not least: the toga-dresses!  The antique style the pre-Raphaelites loved, now in kind of a reissue. Beautiful!

7. Ralph & Russo.

Ralph & Russo, London’s only couture label, is a brand definitely to watch out for! I first recognized them in January when they presented their last collection in Paris, so I was extremely excited to watch their show for the upcoming season. It’s a gorgeous collection, inspired by the 50ies, but broken by unusual and unconventional details. I especially love these dramatic draperies, the big hats and this tulle, architecturally piled. Without any doubt, this is real couture, couture from the old manner, couture which remembers me about those iconic dresses and skirts Christian Dior made in the late 1940ies, Audrey Hepburn, wearing Hubert de Givenchy’s white dress, or those stunning dresses by Cristóbal Balenciaga from the 1950ies.

From left to right:
a dress by Christian Dior, 1940; dress by Cristóbal Balenciaga, 1955;
Audrey Hepburn, wearing a dress by Hubert de Givenchy.

All photos taken from style.com and vogue.co.uk.

The pictures of the vintage-dresses by Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy are taken from tumblr.com and pinterest.com.